Site visit to KamLAND

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Field trip to KamLAND!! We made a field trip for the faculties of the Tohoku University again this year in the middle of October. It was a good time to see autumn leaves as well. KamLAND is located at Kamioka-cho, Hida-shi, Gifu prefecture. It is placed 1,000 meter down under the Mt. IKENOYAMA, where used
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2014 FPGA seminar @ RCNS

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- Tohoku university hosted a FPGA seminar again this year – This year, we had Mr. Tomohisa Uchida as an instructor and an assistant professor Ishidoshiro participated as an organizer.  The seminar was took place at our RCNS facility. What is FPGA? A field-programmable gate array(FPGA) is and integrated circuit designed to be configured by
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