• KamLAND Collaboration Meeting
  • Workshop of “The Frontier of Physics”
  • KamLAND Geoscience
  • Site visit to KamLAND
  • 2014 FPGA seminar @ RCNS
  • Workplace visit from Kamisugiyama-Junior high
  • 2014 International Workshop on “Double Beta Decay and Underground Science”
  • Traditional “IMONI” & Welcome Party
  • 2014 KamLAND Collaboration Meeting in UCLA

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The Kamioka Liquid-scintillator Anti-Neutrino Detector KamLAND Experiment Exploring the ultimate structure of matter, the fundamental principles of nature and the birth, evolution and death of the universe is an inevitable practice, which is imposed on the human beings. In order to study these sub jects, experimental approaches in particle physics tend to pioneer the two different research fields with the opposite side energy. One is the ultra-high energy side, which is realized by high-energy particle accelerators. The other is the ultra-low energy side, where large volume and high sensitive particle detectors are equipped in a deep underground. In particular large volume underground detectors give opportunities for exploring the most important unsolved sub jects on […]

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