About the Detector 2

In KamLAND, neutrinos are detected using 1000-ton of liquid scintillator. The amount of light produced by charged particles in liquid scintillator is several tens of times larger than that of Cherenkov light at Kamiokande. Therefore, lower energy neutrinos can be detected using the liquid scintillator detector. As many kinds of neutrinos exist even in the low energy region in the natural world, being able to detect lower energy neutrinos makes it possible to detect new kinds of neutrinos. We cannot find any other detector using 1000-ton of liquid scintillator, in that sense, KamLAND is the largest and lowest background detector in the world.  Such amount of liquid scintillator, almost same weight as a small ship, has been contained in a 13-meter diameter spherical balloon made of 135-micrometer-thick transparent film. This balloon is suspended in a bath of oil because the film is too thin to support the 1000-ton of liquid. These buffer oil also consist of paraffin oils. The relative difference in density between the liquid scintillator and the buffer oil has been controled to keep less than 0.1 %. Accordingly, weight supported by the balloon is less than 1 ton, which is about the same as a car though. For strengthening,the balloon is supported and constrained by a network of kevlar ropes, just like a ball in a net.  Kevlar(R) is a super-strong synthetic fiber and also used for bulletproof vests. Naturally, these balloon films and kevlar ropes were cleaned completely and minimized radioactive contaminants.

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