International Symposium

“Geoneutrinos and Quantitative Geochemical Modeling”

May 25, 2019, in Makuhari, Japan



  1. Scope

Since the first report of geoneutrino measurement in 2005 by the KamLAND Collaboration team, the precision of the measurement has been improved to a level good enough to set useful constrains on U and Th abundances in the Earth’s mantle.  Yet, to make critical inferences on Earth’s compositional models (e.g., chondritic v.s. non-chondritic Earth), the local crustal contribution to the geoneutrino flux at the surface needs to be understood with a quantitative estimation of its uncertainty.  Such quantitative error estimation is critical also for various geochemical modeling, but remains challenging.  We will have an international symposium on geoneutrino observation and quantitative geochemical modeling on 25th May (a day before JpGU meeting) at Makuhari.  The primary aim of the symposium is to discuss how to arrive at a better compositional estimate of the Earth’s crust–mantle system using geoneutrino and geochemical data.  We invite not only geoneutrino scientists but also those who are interested in quantitative geochemical modeling of the Earth’s crust–mantle system.  This symposium is supported by the Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research in Innovative Areas (“Interaction and Coevolution of the Core and Mantle”).

  1. Location

Hotel New Otani Makuhari

2 Chome 120-3, Hibino, Mihama Ward, Chiba, 261-0021

2nd Floor, Sumire

  1. Organizers

  1. Registration

* Here is a link for registration.

* No registration fee is required.

* The deadline for registration is May 22.

Tsuyoshi Iizuka (U. Tokyo, contact person)

Hiroyuki Tanaka (U. Tokyo)

Kenta Ueki (JAMSTEC)

Hiroko Watanabe (Tohoku U.)


2nd floor entrance

To Kaihin Makuhari Station