Data release accompanying the KamLAND Geoneutrino paper in 2022

Last update : July 29, 2022


“Abundance of uranium and thorium elements in Earth estimated by geoneutrino spectroscopy” by the KamLAND collaboration (S. Abe et al.) published on [date to be updated]
. paper reference : The KamLAND collaboration, Geophysical Research Letters, [number to be updated] (2022)

Energy Spectrum

The following data file provides the estimated energy spectra for backgrounds and geoneutrino events given in 0.1 MeV energy bins. All diagrams incorporate the energy-dependent selection efficiency.

Histogram meta data file
Period 1 : Plain Text(4kB)
Period 2 : Plain Text(4kB)
Period 3 : Plain Text(4kB)

Geoneutrino flux X2 map

The following is Δx2 table to obtain the constants on the geoneutrino flux from uranium and thorium measured by KamLAND.
The three columns are the observed geoneutrino flux from 238U, from 232Th and  Δx2 in the plain text file.

Map meta data file
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