Workplace visit from Kamisugiyama-Junior high

Visitors from Kamisugiyama-Junior high

On october 22nd, we had lovery visitors from Junior high school!   5 students came to see and learn about the professional work of researcher.  For 2 hours they had 10 min. talk with 5 RCNS stuff and walk around the facility.    In the end, we gave them a surprise by telling them one of their teacher was a former member of here at RCNS. Out of most of all, their most exciting moment at the RCNS visit was to see the pictures of their teacher waring protective clothing at experiment facility and giving speech in english at the international conference on a plat form!!


Assoc. Prof. Shirai’s office.  Lecturing what RCNS researching and what is research life like.


Mr. Nemoto, thecnical guy @ RCNS.
His job is to design parts, equipments, and systems to support the experiment.



Holding a model of KamLAND experimental device in 1/100 scale.  The actual thing is placed at Kamioka, Hida city, Gifu prefecture.  There is a special tour of the facility as well.  Please come and visit when you happened to be around that area.

Within the blue round tank of model in the picture, collided neutrino detected and analyzed by computer.  The researchers and students are working very hard to discover a new evidence from there!!



Enjoyed the tour?
Hope they had fun @ RCNS!


In 2002, Professor Koshiba won the Nobel Prize in Physics for pioneering contributions to astrophysics,  in particular for the detection of cosmic neutrinos.  I believe Japan is one of the leading country for researching neutrino which will be more spotted field in the future.

I wonder if this tour occur the young students any interests in studying neutrino or researching neutrino @ Tohoku University with us someday.  Wishing them the very best and hoping the tour @ RCNS gave them good stimulations for choosing their future careers!

Good luck to them!!

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