MDI panel charge

A.  Encourage and review R&D on MDI topics. (including co-operation with WWS R&D panel to maintain database of MDI-related projects)

B.  Help prepare cases to be put to Change- Control for updates to the machine baseline which involve the detectors.

C. Be the voice of the detector community within the GDE and organize joint meetings between machine and detector experts in concert with the regular WWS/GDE meetings

D. Report to the WWS and the BDS area group (and in some instances beyond this group) 

In detail:

1.  Maintain overview of IR design; L*, crossing angle, vertex radius, collimation depth, B fields, GEANT simulations, etc. etc.

2. Maintain overview of all detector features which interact with the IR design.

3. Ensure optimal calculation of all backgrounds.

4. Ensure optimal energy and luminosity spectrum measurement.

5. Ensure optimal polarisation measurement.

6. Monitor and encourage forward-region detector development, including precise (+ fast) luminosity

7. Encourage increased understanding of EMI: sources, shielding etc.