MDI panel meeting minutes

Aug 15, 2006

Omori, Tauchi, Sugimoto, Karsten Buesser, Jim Brau, Francois Richard,
Witold Kozanecki, Philip Bambade, Tom Markiewicz, Wolgrang Lohmann

1. Muon spoiler

Detector issues :
5m spoiler -> 64 muons in TPC. Angle is essentially
axial (wrt bkg). TPC : 100 muon ~ 0.5% occupancy
which is the limit. 64X6 = 400 is probably OK.
Addition of extra wall should be considered.

RAdiation protection (when one IR is on and the other off)
Protection when accident.

2. Slepton pair search (co-aanihilation region)

sigma of 2-photon is 10^6 larger than signal
stau case is less efficiency due to second hole cut
at lower deltam, more bkg.
Anti-DID study has not been done yet for 14mrad, but
it should be similar to the 20mrad case.
Bambade et al case and Vladimir studies are different
for bkg, but it is understood in terms of veto sim.
Vladimir's correct.
Anti-DID case should be similar to 2mrad case even though
complete study has not be done. Bhabha events may have
efficiency loss. Low-P case is not acceptable. But the
luminosity required is reasonable.
Panel accepts 14mrad as the baseline, but physics is better
for 2mrad and R&D should continue.

Polarization is mangeable OK. Luminosity loss is less than
a few %.

3. times schedule
LHC case -> 4yr11m is too optimistic?
(LEP was running so may be ok)
There is general agreement that totally underground
is not acceptable in terms of time.

3. Single experimental hall
SID : acceptable - vibration etc. interference.
Shielding wall between beamline and detector - removable.
CMS style undergraound assembly 2-3 years

4. Surface assembly of detector
ATLAS input is needed.