1-Mar-06 MDI panel meeting minutes

Karsten Buesser, Philip Bambade,
Andrei Seryi, Tsunehiko Omori, Toshiaki Tauchi
Hitoshi Yamamoto, Wolfgang Lohmann, Witold Kozanecki

1. Time slot for 2nd session

9am-10:30am has conflict with GDE side:
9-9:30 Vacuum and Magnets
9:30-10 RF power
10-10:30 Dumps
GDE side has parallel session for 11:30-1pm
which collides with Tracking/Calorimetry sessions.

Possible solutions :
a. Ask GDE to move the parallel sessions to 9am
replacing withh the three plenary talks.
(thinking about it now, this will not work since
it was over the lunch. HY)
b. Ask GDE to switch RF and dumps, and we start at 10am.
HY will talk to GDE

(The time table on the web still needs to be updated.
e.g. it still has a MDI session on the last day etc.)

2. Session speakers/chairs

All speakers confirmed for the 1st and 2nd sessions.
Just a few final points left for WWS only parts.

Chairs are decided as follows:
1st session - Wolfgang
2nd session - HY
3rd session - Karsten
4th session - Omori

3. Web upload
The program needs to be uploaded to web asap.
The following people will do it:
1st, 2nd sessions - HY
3rd, 4th sessions - Omori