21-Feb-06 MDI panel meeting minutes

Karsten Buesser, Phil Burrows, Philip Bambade,
Andrei Seryi, Tsunehiko Omori
Hitoshi Yamamoto, Wolfgang Lohmann, Witold Kozanecki
Tom Markiewicz

A) Summary speakers
We agreed that Tsunehiko Omori and Cristian Grah be
sent to WWS OC as the MDI summary speaker candidates.

B) Bangalore MDI sessions plans

The current status of the schedule is as follows:
The names suggested are confirmed if the speaker attended
this meeting, if not, they are to be approved.

(I) sessions within first 3 days (GDE + WWS)

3/10(Fri) 11am (session 2) - wolfgang
* MDI overview (20 min) - Andrei Ssryi
* IR designs of detector concepts
GLD (15 min) - Toshiaki Tauchi
LDC (15 min) - Karsten Buesser
SiD (15 min) - Phil Burrows
* Discussion

If the 4th concept would like to pitch in, we will
think about it then.

3/11(Sat) 9am (session 3)
The exact times were not decided but added here
as suggestions. - HY

1. gamma-gamma option discussion (30 min)
Overview (10 min) - Klauss Moenig
Discussion (20 min)

Tom and Witold will immediately initiate an
E-mail discussion on the issues to be addressed
with cc to all MDI panel members. The result will be
sent to Klauss as inputs.

2. 1 IR vs 2 IR discussion (30 min)
Overview (10 min) - Tom Markiewicz
Discussion (20 min)

Topics include, push-pull implications,
DID and anti-DID with respect to crossing
angles etc. etc. Barry's input on 1 IR would
be valuable here also (what he wants from us).

3. Detector background tolerances discussion (30 min)
Overview (10 min) - Karsten Buesser
Discussion (20 min)

(II) sessions for WWS only

3/12(Sun) 9am (session 5) - LEP and forward region
3/12(Sun) 1pm (session 7)

The session 5 is organized by the LEP panel (i.e.
Lohmann, Torrence, and Omori).

Wolfgang will send out mail to solicit contributions
to all participants of the workshop. HY will ask Rohini
for the mailing list. session 7 (and also session 5)
will be organized according to the responses. The ESA
programs would have items to be covered here (Mike
Woods should know).

C) next meeting.

Next Monday is the candidate.
HY will send out a query.
The program will be mostly formed by then by E-mail
etc. Hopefully, the meeting will simply finalize it.