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2018年11月9日(金)、Virginia TechのStefano Dell’Oroさんによるセミナーが開催されました。イタリアのCUORE実験について講演して頂きました。



Title:    The CUORE experiment at LNGS – From commissioning to data taking
Speaker:   Dr. Stefano Dell’Oro (Post doc at Virginia Tech, USA) 

The Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events (CUORE) at the
Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (Italy) is the world’s largest
bolometric experiment.
The detector consists of an array of 988 TeO 2 crystals, for a total mass
of 742 kg.
CUORE is presently in data taking, searching for the neutrinoless double
beta decay (0nbb) of 130-Te.

A large custom cryogen-free cryostat allows to reach and maintain a base
temperature of about 10 mK, required for the optimal operation of the
This system has been designed to ensure a low noise environment and a
minimal contribution to the radioactive background for the experiment.
The cryostat commissioning took about three years and was completed in 2016.
After that, it was possible to proceed with the installation of the
detector and with the cool to base temperature.

CUORE is operational since the spring of 2017. The initial science run
(about 7 weeks of collected data) already allowed to provide the most
stringent limit
on the 0nbb half-life of 130-Te: 1.5E25 yr @ 90% C.L.
and to perform the most precise measurement of the 2nbb half-life: ((7.9 ±
0.1 (stat.) ± 0.2 (syst.))E20 yr.
Improved results with increased exposure will be soon presented. Stay tuned!

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