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Academic Research Staff at Tohoku University

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My Recent Activities



News:  19/09/2017:  Made a talk: "Neutrino Oscillation & Other Quantum Oscillations" in Erice School,  Italy. 


News:  09/2017:  The Book "Modern Particle Physics" is reviewed good in JPS journal.   


News:  29/05/2017:  Made a talk: "General Review on Neutrino Oscillation" in GDR neutrino meeting at APC, Paris


News:  25/04/2017:  Made a talk: "Reactor Th13 Measurement and Double Chooz Multidetector Results" at TYL/F(J/K)PPL meeting in Strasbourg, France


News:  25/04/2017:  Made a talk: "Neutrino Oscillations" at Biennale meeting in Florence, Italy


News:  04/2017:  Moved to APC lab. in Paris as  Blaise Pascal Chair. Will stay there 1 year.


News:  12/2016:  New Text book, "Modern Particle Physics (in Japanes) "  is printed. (>800 sold as of July/2018)

      I wrote S1: "Elementary Particles in Standard Model",  

                    S2: "Leptonic Interactions",  

                    S6: "Quark Model of Hadrons",  

                    S8: "CKM matrix and its Measurement",  

                    S9: "CP Violation"(9.3)(9.4),  

                   S10: "Neutrino"(10.1)~(10.5),  

                   S11: "The Standard Model and Future Prospects"(11.1)~(11.8),  

                   Appendix-B: "Special Relativity"(B.3),  

                   Appendix-C: "Elementary Particles and Quantum Mechanical Effects"


Previous (> 1year) acitivities

* Aug/2016:  My book, "Neutrino Oscillations . . ."  is reviewed good in  CERN COURIER, 2016 Sept. 

* July/2016:  Selected as a Blaise Pascal Chaira French award, for "Promotion of Neutrino Science". 

* Mar./2016:  Double Chooz, Near+Far preliminary high precision result is Presented .   

            The result is sin22Th13 = 0.111 +- 0.018, which is 1.6-sigma different from the Daya Bay result. 

*  Nov./2015: Awarded Break Through group prize as an initial KamLAND member.

* April/2015: Text book "Neutrino Oscillations: A practical guide to basics and applications" was printed from Springer. (>964 downloaded + hundreds of Books as of 10/2017)

* Dec./2016: Presented " Review of Short Baseline Programs in the World" in HINT16 @ J-PARC

* Mar./2016: Presented " R&D Experience for KamLAND 3M liter Liquid Scintillator Detector" in FroST16 @ Fermilab 

* Feb./2016: Published "A White Paper on keV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter" (arXiv:1602.04816)

* Jan./2016: Published "Double Chooz and Reactor Theta13 Experiments" (arXiv:1601.08041), to be published in Nucl. Phys. B special edition.

* Jan./2016: Published "Measurement of θ13 in Double Chooz using neutron captures on hydrogen with novel background rejection techniques" (JHEP 1601 (2016) 163)

* Jan./2016: Published "Status Report for the 21th J-PARC PAC : Searching for a Sterile Neutrino at J-PARC MLF (J-PARC E56, JSNS2)" (arXiv:1601.01046)

* Dec./2015: Presented "Hunt for Steriles: Decay at Rest (DAR) Experiments" in Nuphys2015 @ London.       

* Dec./2015: Published "Muon capture on light isotopes in Double Chooz" (arXiv:1512.07562)

* Oct./2015: Presented "Sterile Neutrino Search Experiment at J-PARC MLF: JSNS2" in Tohoku Univ. CYRIC Seminar.

* Aug./2015: Presented  " Complementarity of T2K/HK with Other Longer Baseline Experiments"  in Workshop for Neutrino Programs with Facilities in Japan, @JPARC

* Jul./2015: Published "Status Report for the 20th J-PARC PAC : A Search for Sterile Neutrino at J-PARC MLF (J-PARC E56, JSNS2)"  (arXiv:1507.07076)

* May/2015: Published "Sterile Neutrino Search Experiment at J-PARC MLF: JSNS2(J-PARC E56)" (High Energy News, vol.34, No.1).

* April/2015: Presented " Neutrino Oscillations: Where are we now and where to go? " in LPNHE Seminar @ Paris                                                                                                                                                                                  

* Feb./2015: Published "On-site Background Measurements for the J-PARC E56 Experiment: A Search for Sterile Neutrino at J-PARC MLF"  (arXiv:1502.06324)

* Feb./2015:  Published "Status Report (BKG measurement): A Search for Sterile Neutrino at J-PARC MLF"  (arXiv:1502.02255)




  * Summary of My Research History 

§  1983-1988:  VENUS at TRISTAN;  phD, Top quark search.  Central Drift Chamber. 

§  1987-1989:  Rare KL Decays at KEK;   Search for KL --> m+e. Measurement of KL--> m+m.   

            In charge of particle ID system.

§  1989-1997:  SLD  at SLAC;  Fermion-Z0 coupling, weak mixing angle qW.  VXD3 and CRID.

§  1997-2007:  KamLAND  at Kamioka; Long Baseline Reactor Neutrino Oscillation.  Measured (q12, Dm212).  In charge of liquid scintillator system, background control.

§  2003-2006:  KASKA at Niigata;  Shorter Baseline Reactor Neutrino Oscillation.   Did not realize. 

§  2006- Now:  Double Chooz  at France; Shorter baseline Reactor Neutrino Oscillation. Measured (Theta13, Dm31). Light detection system.  DCJapan spokesperson by 2013. 

§  2008- Now:  R&D for reactor operation monitor for safeguard. 

§  2013- Now:  Sterile neutrino search at MLF (JSNS2).



* My Research Story (update 20160726)  


* Educational Activities

  I have given two lectures per year in average at Tohoku Univ. ,  One outreach lecture for high schools per every two years in average. 

  I am interested in teaching elementary particle physics concretely. 



E-mail: suekane at awa.tohoku.ac.jp


Research Center for Neutrino Science, Tohoku University 

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