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Enjoi Sendai

We will distribute the guidebook to each person. Please check the shops and sightseeing spots following the guidebook.This website features of many information on the Hotels and Restaurants for the guests.


++++++++→Getting to Sendai++++++++

By Airways---Domestic Flights

Tokyo to / from Sendai
Narita to / from Sendai
Nagoya(Centrair) to / from Sendai
Nagoya to / from Sendai (in Japanese)
Osaka(Kansai) to / from Sendai
Osaka(Itami) to / from Sendai (in Japanese)
Sapporo(Chitose) to / from Sendai

Sendai Airport Transit (in Japanese) ♦
---from Airport---
  *First train of the day: 5:49am
  *Last train of the day: 10:53pm
---from Sendai Stn.---
  *First train of the day: 5:35am
  *Last train of the day: 10:51pm
  A one-way fare: 630 Yen
  The time needed:Local 25min, Rapid 17min
  The time Table is Click Here

Airport Limousine Bus
  Ayashi Kanko Bus
---from Sendai Airport---
  *First bus of the day: 9:00am
  *Last bus of the day: 9:05pm
---from Sendai Stn.---
  *First bus of the day: 6:40am
  *Last bus of the day: 6:30pm
  A one-way fare: 800 Yen
  The time needed:About 35 min
  The time Table is Click Here
   Higashinihon Kyuko
---from Sendai Airport---
  *First bus of the day: 9:15am
  *Last bus of the day: 7:15pm
---from Sendai Stn.---
  *First bus of the day: 6:50am
  *Last bus of the day: 6:15pm
  A one-way fare: 700 Yen
  The time needed:About 40 min
  The time Table is Click Here


By Railways---Shinkansen

Tokyo to / from Sendai(via Hayate)1hr. 39min. (via Yamabiko)  :1hr. 57min to 2hrs.10min
A one-way fare: 10,590 Yen (General Term )
♦Time table of Tokyo stn.♦
  *First train of the day: (Hayate 1) 6:56am / (Yamabiko 41) 6:04am
  *Last train of the day: (Hayate 33) 8:04pm / (Yamabiko 329) 10:20pm
♦Time table of Sendai stn.♦
  *First train of the day: (Hayate 2) 8:15am / (Yamabiko 302) 6:00am
  *Last train of the day: (Hayate 34) 9:26pm / (Yamabiko 329) 9:40pm

By Buses

Tokyo(Shinjuku/Tokyo stn.) to / from Sendai:5hrs.30min. 6,210yen(one way) 11,500yen(round-trip) *reservation only
Tokyo(Tokyo stn.) to / from Sendai: night express bus 3,900yen(one way) 7,800yen(round-trip) *reservation only
  *contact--- JR Bus Tohoku (in Japanese): +81-22-256-6646 , Tohoku Kyuko Bus (in Japanese):+81-22-262-7031

++++++++→Getting to Sendai Civic Auditorium++++++++

♦From Sendai Stn.
 *by buses: Sendai City Bus Stop #29, to Koutsukyoku Daigakubyoin mae: 15 min.
 *by subway: to Kotodaikoen, Subway Entrance #2: 10min
 *by taxi: 7min

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