Information about Workshop Sessions

Workshop Sessions

The Workshop Sessions will be:

- Cosmological Issues (early Universe, CMB, high-redshift SN, cosmological structures, dark energy)
[Convenors: S. Hannestad, M. Kawasaki, E. Masso]

- Gravitational waves
[Convenors: B. Barish, E. Coccia, S. Kawamura]

- Dark matter / antimatter in space
[Convenors: A. Bottino, J. Morales, T. Moroi]

- Solar, reactor and other low-energy neutrino physics (including SN neutrinos)
[Convenors: G. Fogli, V. Matveev, M. Nakahata, D. Sinclair, F. Suekane]

- Atmospheric neutrinos and high-energy neutrino beams
[Convenors: J. Bernabeu, T. Kajita, C. W. Kim, R. Plunkett]

- Double beta decays
[Convenors: F. Avignone, E. Bellotti, T. Kishimoto]

- HE astrophysics
[Convenors: E. Lorenz, P. Michelson, M. Mori, G. Navarra]

These Workshop Sessions will take place in the afternoons, and will consist of brief presentations of contributed papers and of a few short invited talks.

Contributions by participants are encouraged. Those wishing to present a paper are required to fill in the Contributed Paper Form which includes a short abstract. The deadline for the request of presentation of a contributed paper is June 10, 2007 (this deadline has to be considered as a strict one).

The Conveners will select the contributions to be orally presented and will also allot the time for each contribution. Programs and schedules of the Workshop Sessions will be available on the Conference website towards the middle of July.
Requests for presentation of posters may also be presented, by completing the Poster Form by June 10, 2007. The posters to be displayed at the Conference will be selected by the Workshop Sessions Convenors.

Publications of contributed papers and posters in the Workshop Proceedings are foreseen, but subject to refereeing by the Editors.

TAUP2007 Poster
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TAUP2007 Poster
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