Some associated meetings are held at the neutrino center or in Physics bldg C. They are located on Aobayama campus. For a direction to get to these venues, see THIS.
  • High school science labs, March.2(Sun)
        e-Lab (build a detector and analyze cosmic ray data)
         e-Lab homepage(in Japanese)
  • GDE EC meeting, March.2(Sun), 12AM - 6PM, at the large meeting room, Neutrino Center.
  • FCAL collaboration meeting, March.2(Sun), 1PM - 5PM, at bldg C 1F meeting room.
  • LCTPC collaboration meeting, March.2(Sun), 1PM - 6PM, at the trailer conference room, Neutrino Center.
  • SiLC collaboration meeting, March.4(Tue), 4PM - 8:30PM
  • Outreach lectrures (in Japanese), March.4(Tue), 6:15PM , at Sendai International Center, Hagi Hall.
        Outreach's homepage(in Japanese)
  • ILD meeting, March.7(Fri), 9AM - 5PM