Registration on site
Regitration on site will begin on 3/3(Monday) at 8:00AM at Sendai International Center - in front of Tachibana hall (2F).

Please register using the web form. The registration fee is 25,000 yen (20,000 yen for the registration proper, and 5000 yen for banquet and reception) and should be paid in cash when you arrive. The registration fee includes reception and banquet. The deadline of the registration is February 8, 2008.

Reception and banquet
Reception will be held in Sakura 1 of International Center starting at 6 PM on March 3. Banquet will be at Shozan-kan on March 5, the buses will pick you up at 6 PM in front of the International Center.

The venues are City of Sendai International Center and Multimedia Education and Research Complex in Tohoku University Kawauchi-kita Campus which are about 10 minutes walk apart. The opening plenary session will be held at International Center and the closing plenary session at Multimedia Education and Research Complex . GDE parallel sessions are mostly at International Center while those of ACFA are at Multimedia Education and Research Complex. For the public bus services between the hotels and venues, look at THIS.
Some associated meetings are held at the neutrino center or in Physics bldg C. They are located on Aobayama campus. For a direction to get to these venues, see THIS.

There is no car park around Multimedia Education and Research Complex in Tohoku University Kawauchi-kita Campus, please take public bus or taxi to the campus.

Internet access
Wireless internet access is available in all meeting rooms.

Lunch can be taken in the restaurant within the International Center, but the capacity is limited. It is recommended that you use the university cafeterias. Two of them are located within the area between the two venues. Or you may go to the city side of the river to try any of the many restaurants. For dinner, please refer to the list of restaurants on this web site.

There will be no coffee or any food provided at the begining of each day, so make sure you get your breakfast before you come to venues.

We have secured some rooms in Hotels at discount within walking distances form the workshop venues. In order to make use of the discounts, you need to reserve by the web form. Most rooms have internet access. Airport bus from Sendai airport stop close to the hotels. (See the accommodation page of this web site)

You can use American Express card at ATMs at Post Offices and Seven Eleven convenience stores to obtain Yen. You may be able to use VISA, Mastercard, or other credit cards depending on issuing institution (e.g. Citibank is OK) at the same locations. There is a post office right across the street from the Multimedia Education and Research Complex. You can exchange dollars or Euros (and some other currencies) to yen at any of the banks or at Sendai Exel Hotel Tokyu. In any case, it is recommended that you get enough yen at the airport.

The venues and hotels are mostly within walking distances, and no dedicated bus services will be provided. There are, however, public bus lines you can use to move between the venues and hotels at reasonable prices. One could of course take taxis but it will tale about 650 yen for each ride.

Winter is almost over and spring is near, but not quite. We can still get some chunk of snow at this time of year. Typically, the maximum and minimum temperatures are 6 deg C and -2 deg C, respectively. So, warm clothing is a must. For the week of the workshop, the weather forecast is predicting reasonable weather.