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Companion Programs

There have not been enough requests for the programs below, so the there will be no tours 1 and 2 below. Instead, we have arranged through Sendai convention bureau to have volunteers to conduct personal guided tours (in English). You have to pay the actual expenses of yourself and of the guide, and the guide will take you through the city tour or to Matsushima. You can sign up for them at the desk of Sendai convention bureau at the workshop.

The following trips are prepared by Kinki Nippon Tourists (Mr. Ishizuka) for companions. An interpreter (not a guide) will accompany for each trip. The exact location of departure and arrival will be announced later.

Reservation deadline: Feb 15, 2008.
Please send E-mail to the conference office to make reservation.

1. Matsushima March 4th (Tuesday)
Matsushima is one of the most famous scenic spots in Japan. The trip covers the Zuigan temple (a national treasure) which is one of the best samples of Momoyama architectures, the historic Shiogama port, a lunch looking down the Matsushima seashore, and a charming music box museum. Get together in the city at 9:30 AM, depart at 9:40AM and come back to the city at 5PM. 10000 yen per person (for 20 or more participants).

2. Hiraizumi March 5th (Wednesday)
Around 11th century, there was a prosperous local lord in HIraizumi which could almost match Kyoto in its level of sophistication. It is expected that it will be a UNESCO world heritage next year. The golden temple (Konjikidou), which is rather small and contained in a larger building, shows us the state of the art of the period. The trip also includes a boat trip along a quiet canyon. Get together in the city at 9:00AM, depart at 9:10AM, and return to city at 5:15PM. 12000 yen per person (for 20 or more participants).