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Access to Sendai station from Narita airport
1. First, go to JR Tokyo station by JR Narita Express(NEX). It takes about 1hour to JR Tokyo station from Narita airport. The price to JR Tokyo station is around 3000 yen. When you arrive at JR Tokyo station, you need to change to JR Shinkansen train for Sendai station. It takes 2~2.5hour to Sendai station from JR Tokyo station. The price to Sendai station is around 10000 yen.
2. First, go to Keisei Ueno station by Keisei Sky liner. It takes about 1 hour to Keisei Ueno station from Narita Airport.The price to Keisei Ueno station is 1920yen(If you want to go by local train, the price is 1000yen). When you arrive at Keisei Ueno station, go to JR Ueno station by walk(about 5min) to change to JR Shinkansen train for Sendai station. It takes 2~2.5hour to Sendai station from JR Ueno station. The price to Sendai station is around 10000 yen.
Access to HOTEL RICHFIELD SENDAI from Sendai station
Distance to the hotel from the station is about 1km, so that you can go by 10~15 minutes walk. Otherwise, you can also go to the hotel by bus or subway. There are many taxies in Sendai station and mid-Sendai, so the taxi is also convenient. The fee is about 1500 yen.
Access to the workshop site (Aoba-kinen-kaikan)
1. from Sendai station
Take a bus with route number 710, 713, 715, 718, 719, 750, or 757 from the bus stop#9 at the bus pool at south-west of the Sendai station building. (see the following map).

We will send a shuttle bus to the Hotel Richfield every morning. (There is no return bus.) If you missed the bus, walk to the bus stop named 'Bansuisodo mae' (see map) then take a bus with the route number (710, 713, 715, 718, 719, 750, or 757). Then get off at 'Kogakubu chuo'. The bus takes ~20min. from the station and ~10min. from Bansuisodo mae. Aoba-kinen-kaikan locates within 5min. walk from the bus stop. To return to Hotel Richfield from Aoba-kinen-kaikan. Take any bus which goes to Sendai station. Get off at 'Bansuisodo mae'. Walk 5min. to the hotel.

Caution: There are two HOTEL RICHFIELDs in Sendai, "HOTEL RICHFIELD SENDAI" and "HOTEL RICHFIELD AOBA DORI". Your hotel is just "HOTEL RICHFIELD SENDAI", where is located beside "HIROSE DORI (street name)".
Tips to use buses 
When you get on the bus, take a small ticket from a small machine on the right of the bus door at the center. It shows where you got on the bus and is necessary to know your fee when you get off. There is English announcement which tells the next bus stop name. When you hear the name of the bus stop you want to get off, push one of the notify buttons to show the driver you will get off at next stop. The fee is shown on the electric price panel above the driver. The price with the number on your ticket is your fee. Put the exact amount and the small ticket into the small box near the driver. There is money changing machine in the bus. It can not deal with more than 1000yen bill. 
Tips to use taxis 
It is useful to print out the following Japanese sign and show to the taxi driver pointing where you want to go. When paying the fee, do so in the car. If you get out of the car intending to pay from the window, the driver will be upset. No tipping is needed in Japan overall.
Sendai station
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