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Please fill the following registration forms. After confirming your information, we will send back confirmation mail to you (It may take a few days.). Then your registration is complete. Please check REGISTRANTS page to check whether your registration is successfull .
If you would like to talk about your research work in the session, please send the abstract to us by e-mail (see CONTACT US page).
The registration fee is 15000 yen per one person. The fee will be collected in the reception desk, Japanese cash only.
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Accommodation reservation

(Please check ACCOMMODATION page)

If you are not Japanese and you want to reserve our prepared hotel, please choose days when you will stay. The price is 8300yen per night including breakfast. If you are Japanese, please secure your hotel by yourself.

Aug. 2 (Mon.)
Aug. 3 (Tues.)
Aug. 4 (Wed.)
Aug. 5 (Thur.)
Request us
If you have any requests or questions, please write down in the following space. For example, smoking or nonsmoking room, vegetarian food at the banquet, etc..
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