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WELCOME TO RCNS! 留学生インタビュー vol.1

CHATWIN-DAVIES Aidan Émile チャットウィンデイヴィス・エイダン・エミール

KAMLAND所属 (Liquid Scintillator Xenon Solubility Measurement 液体シンチレーターキセノン溶解度の計測)

1989 年9月19日生まれ カナダ / Canadian University of Waterloo, Canada / ワォータールー大学、カナダ

Q. エミールさんの住む町(カナダ)について教えてください。

The best times to visit Waterloo are in the fall and spring – this is when the weather is nicest. Honestly, there aren’t very many attractions in Waterloo as it is mainly a university town, but the city does hold the largest Oktoberfest celebration in Canada in the fall. Public lectures on topics in modern physics are routinely held by the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, and these are definitely worth going to if you are interested in physics.

僕の住んでいる町、ウォータールーの観光シーズンは、秋と春 – この時期の気候がベスト。正直な話、大学のある町として知られるウォータールーにはこれといった観光地はないんです。でも秋にはカナダ一大きなオクトーバーフェストが開催されているんですよ。 それから、現代物理学をテーマにしたカナダの理論物理学ペリメーター研究所主催の公開講義も定期的に開催されている場所です。


Q. オクトーバーフェストは仙台でも開催されていますが、ウォータールーの場合カナダ一なんですね。行ってみたいです!続いてエミールさん自身についても聞かせてください。どんな趣味をお持ちなんですか?

My favorite things to do in my free time are hiking and video games. I have been playing video games in various forms since I was five years old, and my preferred genre these days is the RPG genre. As for hiking, I especially like going on longer, multi-day hikes. Some of my favorite trips have been hiking to Cape Scott and hiking through Garibaldi Park in British Columbia, Canada.


Q. カナダは自然がたくさんある国ですもんね。そんな自然に囲まれながらゆっくり時間が流れる環境から一転、なぜ日本の大学に留学しようと決意したのですか?

am currently completing my undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics at the University of Waterloo. Our university has an exchange agreement with Tohoku University, and seeing as how I wanted to travel to Japan to better learn Japanese and how I was interested in the neutrino research activities at Tohoku University, it was only natural that I would come to study here.


Q. 自然な流れでたどり着いたこの仙台での生活はどうですか?

Life in Sendai is great! I‘m living in a university residence with other international students as well as Japanese students, so I have lots of help with acclimatizing to what is a new culture and lifestyle for me. It seems like there have been so many formalities to complete and so many welcoming activities to go to in this first month, so I’m looking forward getting into a more natural routine. 仙台での生活は最高!他の留学生や日本人学生が住む寮に僕も住んでいるので、新しい文化やライフスタイルには順応しやすい環境の中にいます。この最初の一ヶ月に関しては色々な手続関係や歓迎会などの催しもたくさんあるようなので、今後の日常生活が楽しみです。


Q. 当ニュートリノ科学研究センター(RCNS)での生活についても教えてください。

It‘s very interesting for me to be doing research in a different country. Iget to see the differences between the research culture here and in my home country, and it teaches me different ways to work. Even little differences are sometimes surprising – for instance, in Canada, students usally bring their own lunch to campus and raely eat in the cafeterias. Overall, I am really enjoying working here!


Q. これからもたくさん新しい研究、文化、人との出会いにめぐり逢って行くんでしょうね。今後がとても楽しみですね。将来はどのような道に進んで行くのでしょうか?

Ultimately, I would like to go into physics research and work as a professor at a university. I am not yet sure in what field I would like to specialize and I do not have all the details of where and when I will study. At the moment I am just trying to gain exposure to as many fields of physics as possible before deciding on what to do for my masters studies.





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