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WELCOME TO RCNS!! 留学生インタビュー vol.3

名前 : Thiago Junqueira de Castro Bezerra/
チアゴ  ジュンケイラ  デ  カストル  ベゼハ
誕生日 : May 11th, 1985
生まれ : Brazilブラジル
出身大学 : Undergraduate physics course and master course: Universidade Estadual de Campinas (State University of Campinas)
趣味 : Movies, music, photography, talking, reading, hiking, cycling and traveling/
2010年4月からRCNS ダブルショー所属

Q. チアゴさんの国、ブラジルの良い所を教えて下さい!
Because Brazil is a huge country, a good thing to do is to travel. If you travel throughout Brazil, you will have the chance to see a big variety of landscapes, people and culture. The folklore is interesting as well since we have different types of events like the carnival and “Festa Junina” (June’s Party), when many people celebrate catholic saints, dress in traditional cloths and eat typical food. It is like the Japanese Matsuri, but, of course, you have to change the Japanese typical stuff for Brazilian ones.

ブラジルは大きな国だから国内旅行が楽しいですよ。端から端まで旅行したら、様々な景色、人、文化を体験する事ができます。カーニバル、“フェスタ ジュニーナ”(6月の祭り)など他とはちょっと違うタイプのイベントがあるから、フォークロアも楽しめます。カトリックの行事があるときには沢山の人達が伝統衣装を身にまとったり伝統料理を食べたりします。日本の祭りの様なものだけど、勿論ブラジルバージョンで。

As I have just started the PhD program here in Japan, I am focused mainly on my research and on learning the Japanese language. Since I can only stay in Japan for 3 years I think I have to make the best of my time here, and I won’t be able to do that unless I improve my Japanese.


When I was finishing the master course I was thinking on doing the PhD outside Brazil, because I thought that it will be a great opportunity to learn more, not only about physics, but also about the world in general, having direct contact with a different culture and language. And then, last year, the Japanese Consulate gave a talk about a scholarship to study in Japan and I decided to try. After they had accepted me to receive this scholarship, I had to choose a university. My choice was the RCNS because my advisor in Brazil, prof. Kemp, knows prof. Suekane, from the Double Chooz experiment, and he highly recommended coming here.


Q. いつから物理に興味をもちだしたんですか? そして何故?
It was when I was in the secondary school and I had my first contact with science subjects. I was interested in the vast knowledge that we, as human beings, have about our world, how nature works and also on the amount of things that are yet to be discovered. I use to watch a lot a TV program called “Beakmans’s World” (’s_World) and the interesting and funny way that it showed science to me, helped grow my interest in physics. Physics in special, because at that time I wanted to be an astronomer, due to the beautiful pictures of the galaxies taken by telescopes, they simply fascinated me. However, after I entered my university, I started having more contact with particles and nuclear physics therefore I decided to changed my goal.

中学生の時に初めて科学を勉強し始めました。僕たち、今を生きるひととして沢山の事に興味を持ちました。自分たちの生きるこの世界、どうやって自然が成り立っているのかだとか、未だ発見されていない沢山の物事だとか。“Beakmans’s World”というテレビ番組もよく観ていました。そして科学が僕に楽しく教えてくれたことをきっかけに、物理に興味を持ち始めたんです。その当時の夢は天文学者でした。テレスコープで撮影された美しい銀河の写真にただただ魅了されて。その後大学に入学し、粒子や原子物理学に触れ、そこで自分のゴールが物理に変わって行ったんですね。

Q. 日本(仙台)での研究はどうですか?
What I like the most of living in Japan is how everything is different from what I am used to. Not only the language, but the culture and way of thinking as well, I could not imagine they would be so distinct. And Sendai is a wonderful city. It is not so small, with its 1 million inhabitants, but at the same time it has an atmosphere of a small city, where you can find calm places and also things that only a big city can offer.


Now I want to learn as much as I can in Japan, then, when I go back to my country, use and apply what I have learned here to improve somehow the situation over there.


Do not stop to wonder! Physics is about wondering and always knowing more about our world and universe. There is an interesting passage of the book “Musashi” written by Eiji Yoshikawa that says: “The habit turns natural the unnatural, and the man forgets about wondering.

” 好奇心を持ち続けて!物理は私たちの世界や宇宙について疑問を持ち、知り続ける事によって成り立つものです。吉川英治さんの”宮本武蔵” という本にも書かれていますが... “The habit turns natural the unnatural, and the man forgets about wondering.” ※日本語検索中... 2010.10

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