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WELCOME TO RCNS! 留学生インタビュー VOL.5

IMG_5196-2 名 前   : ヤン・ヤン(
洋 洋)
 国 籍 :  中国   

 出身校 :  清華大学
 趣 味 :  ジョギング、読書、旅行

 Name           :  YANG YANG
 Nationality  :  China  

 University   :  Tsinghua Univ.
 Hobbies       :  Jogging/ reading/ travelling









Q. What can you tell us about your home country?

Tough, really tough, you have to do a lot of work to get graduated. However, besides academics, you still get some options to improve others skills. There are plenty of associates here, whether to do well in your grades or play well in your activities depends all on your choices. That’s going to be great.

Q. If that is so tough,  are the most of the students wanting to graduate and get out from the school life as soon as possible?

Not really.  To get a job, I have to learn lots of skills and knowledge.  I like to spend more time in school to learn more, and that affects very much on my job hunting.






Q. How did you choose to come to RCNS, Tohoku University?

Neutrino is the most probable measurement in the future in my view.

Q. Was there any special reason for choosing RCNS?

First of all, I had many choices of universities from all over the world that I could apply to, but I was especially interested in Japan.  I was interested in their language because it has something in common with Chinese, and it is something that we could learn about their culture from it.   So I picked a country, and then among the several Japanese Universities I picked Tohoku University.  From the major list of Tohoku university, I picked RCNS because I felt good potential in Neutrino for my future career.


Q. 中国で一番恋しいものは?


Q. What do you miss the most about your home country?

Food and friends. I cannot enjoy the fried way of food which is a lot in Japana.



Q. 日本と中国の大学生活で感じる大きな違いは何ですか?


Q. どんな所でそう感じましたか?



Q. What are the biggest differences you see between the university experience here and in your home university?

More international I think, maybe because I am foreign student here.

Q. Why did you think so?

 Here they have more international students from many more different races.  In China we have foreign students, but many of them are from Asian countries.




Q. When and how did you get interested in the Physics/Neutrino?
Very young after watching some movies and thinking physicians extremely cool.  I was especially fascinated with the movies with scientists changing the world or making great discoveries, and I as a young boy felt that is very cool.


 Q. 趣味を教えてください。それは、ここ日本でも出来ますか?


Q. Can you tell us about your hobby? Are you being able to do that here in Japan, too?
I once read a book ‘On the road’. I enjoy that feeling. And jogging and travelling can offer that. Moreover, I like to experience difference. Thus I like reading to get to know others’ lives. Also travelling and talking can get me there. Jogging is somewhat different here since I can find a track field like in my country.




Q. What is your career goal so far?
To be a practical engineer, I like to make something combined with my own ideas.









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